[plug] Questions about GING and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Peter peter at taekema.org
Sat May 14 18:40:25 WST 2011

On 14/05/11 13:27, Bret Busby wrote:
> Catch-22; I cannot install the operating system, due to the lack of
> drivers, but I need the operating system installed, to download the
> appropriate drivers that are not present.
In reading your initial e-mail I was going to suggest trying Linux Mint 
Debian Edition (LMDE).  It is based on Debian (6) testing and is a 
"rolling distro" but.....

> I have since installed Ubuntu 10.04LTS on that computer, but my
> preference is not Ubuntu, due to things that it incorporates that I do
> not like, like the complex UUID disk partition device identifiers,
> rather than nice, simple, "/dev/hd<"a" | "b" | "c"><n>" (where n is a
> number), identifiers, and, the use of the horrible sudo thing, rather
> than the more dignified and more secure, "su - root".
... after reading this bit, you can probably disregard my suggestion, as 
LMDE uses both UUID & SUDO.

Personally, I don't have an issue with UUID:  Try swapping/changing the 
order or adding new drives in a modern system and you can end up with 
all sorts of issues if you use "/dev/hd?"  ...  With UUID, you always 
know exactly which drive is which.

I don't have any issues with SUDO either, but then most of my machines 
are single user and the only person in the "sudo users" group is me.

Along similar lines, I hear lots of complaints about GRUB2....  and 
sure, it's a pig of a thing, until your get you head around it.  Now, I 
quite like it.

LMDE is 100% compatible with Debian 6 (testing), with a few extra 
"minty" bits added.  It has nothing to do with ubuntu.


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