[plug] Questions about GING and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

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On Saturday, May 14, 2011 01:27:44 PM Bret Busby wrote:


> I have since installed Ubuntu 10.04LTS on that computer, but my
> preference is not Ubuntu, due to things that it incorporates that I do
> not like, like the complex UUID disk partition device identifiers,
> rather than nice, simple, "/dev/hd<"a" | "b" | "c"><n>" (where n is a
> number), identifiers, and, the use of the horrible sudo thing, rather
> than the more dignified and more secure, "su - root".

I've been converted to the UUID thing - try adding a new HDD closer to the 
"front" ie it becomes hda adnUUID still works.

As for sudo, what about using it once to say "sudo passwd root" and entering 
the new root password twice and you're golden with  "su - root"

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