[plug] Old "Spark" host, a Sun SPARC to give away...

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue May 17 09:19:26 WST 2011

Hello all,

We have recently "/decommissioned/" the old Sun Sparc host "spark" that
PLUG ran for many, many years (since '99) - it stopped working some time
ago, with no one looking at it to see why, and has now been replaced
with "bath.plug.org.au" anyway (Acer Altos dual core Xeon 3Ghz 1U "PC"
w/2GB RAM, 2*250 GB HDD, thanks to Gavin at WAIX).

Below are the details that Nick Bannon dug out on it.

There are two boxes - the second part of which is (I suspect) acting as
a disk pack. To be clear, this is a very old computer, and it may not
work at all. Does anyone want it to play with? If so, please email me,
and arrange to collect it from me in Ardross this week. You have until
this Friday and then I find other means to dispose of it... :)


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Ah, that's what I was looking for:

On Wed Dec 15 09:54:49 WST 1999, Matt Kemner wrote:
> It's a Sparc Classic with 32MB of RAM, and runs on a "MicroSparc" CPU
> that attains 50 BogoMips (not that that means anything)
> It is an identical machine to vger.rutgers.edu, which hosts some of the
> largest mailing lists in the world (including linux-kernel, linux-net etc)

Sold from 1992-1995.


    SPARCclassic (SPARCclassic Server)(SPARCstation LC) (4/15)
        Processor(s):   microSPARC @ 50MHz, 59.1 MIPS, 4.6 MFLOPS,
                        26.4 SPECint92, 21.0 SPECfp92,
                        626 SPECintRate92, 498 SPECfpRate92


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