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Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 25 22:42:01 WST 2011

I have a 2 to 1 USB switch to share a USB device between 2 computers that you can have for free if it fits your needs and if you can pick it up in Hamilton Hill.
It's new, never been used with the CD and cable.
See the attached document for the description

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Could someone please advise me where to buy a USB type A male - male cable.
I need to connect my laptop as well as the desktop computer to my Brother DCP-385C printer.
Appropriate Brother drivers are on both machines.
I have a small 4 port usb hub and a m-m gender changer.
Dick Smith told me it couldn't be done with USB but I don't believe them...
Getting used to Unity?
Dave Dartnall
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