[plug] Web / Database advice sought

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Thu Sep 1 15:35:07 WST 2011

G'day all,

I'm playing with an electronic component catalogue / stock / label 
printer idea. At the moment I'm using Postgres as the back end and 
Openoffice Base as the front.

I've bumped up against some fairly ugly sharp edges in Base and am 
contemplating moving to something browser based.

The label printing part uses a Windows based package from Avery (running 
in an XP VM) which happens to work incredibly nicely with a Postgres / 
Linux back end.

I'm stuck in that the only tools in my toolbox are Pascal, Python & 
Bash. I'm perfectly willing to learn another language, the question is 
which one?

This is a simple forms based database front end. What I don't want is 
page reloads every time a control changes, so I guess I'm after 
something with a little bit of smarts in the client.

The other option is a really good cross-platform database front end 
(something like the old Foxpro). I could knock it out in FreePascal, but 
I think it's time I learned something a bit more browser oriented (as 
you can see, my tool cupboard is sparse at best).

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