[plug] ppp0 eth internet tablet

wolfbite wolfbite.aus at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 20:59:50 WST 2012

objective: android to wirless then out onto internet

setup:   internet -------mobile broadband usb -----------computer ------ 
eth old modemrouter with wireless ------- android tablet

computer is communicating with the usb & internet
android communicating with modem router

been dabbling with trying to bridge them

a: managed to fluke computer talking to modem & router and android 
talking to router but cant get to net

b: ignoring the fluke can anyone give me a proper example of this same setup
   seems examples I found, just never relates to the setup i'm trying

computer is running linux mint (dont know version, motherinlaws and 
running backwards & forwards trying ideas, taking time AND NOT WORKING :)
system is being used so I cant steal and NUT it through like normal

Hope I've made sense with what i'm doing

Any help appreciated

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