[plug] Umm....Any1 LCA2014

Harry McNally harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Wed Aug 29 21:58:57 WST 2012

On 29/08/12 16:46, Paul Dean wrote:
> Ahh, I remember helping Tony Breeds, many a year ago now... at one we held at Canning College.
> Was a lot of fun, and work, but certainly gave plug and LCA good presence here in WA.
> Maybe the pplz at port80 et al would like to be involved as well.
> Thoughts?

An outrageous video again ? ;-) May irreverance win the day !

If the 2003 bid video is still around, Tux descending the New Fortune
staircase is still my favourite take. Mr B knows who was Tuxing it up :-)


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