[plug] warning - cover your ears: can I get a full windoze install dvd from a recovery partition?

Lucas van staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Sun Feb 12 18:39:22 WST 2012

Hi, been down this road before.

My personal attempt at this about a year ago is here:
The idea itself is not mine originally, but i did get better succes than
the original poster. Most likely due to better virtualbox software at the
time i tried it.

It worked once and once only. No idea why only that first time. I think the
second time fail was related to having had wiped the recovery partition by
that time.

Warning: lots of speculations here:
I think the prcedure can be made workable, if the recovery partition is
attached to the vm, as mentioned in the previous posts , as raw disk
access, but would have lots of less red flags as it will not be the actual
windows install that will be raw accesses. Just an idea, have never
actually done it myself. I just don't use windows at all now,so never
bothered to make it work.

Unless you have some time to experiment, i would suggest just borrowing a
cd and get it done that way.

On Feb 12, 2012 5:47 PM, "Gavin Chester" <gavin.chester at gmail.com> wrote:

> It seems sacrilegious to ask this here, I know, but hear me out ;-)
> I want to know if anyone has experience and pointers on how can I get a
> full windoze install on dvd from a recovery partition (and or the original
> install)?  I've read of making recovery partitions into recovery discs, but
> don't think this will do the full kitchen sink effect that I want after
> blitzing windoze to the weeds on it's original partition.
> I bought a laptop recently with the inevitable windoze tax preinstalled
> and set it up dual booting my distro of choice, as you do, fighting my
> usual method of completely blitzing windoze away never to darken my
> doorstep again. However, I also hate to throw out something that I've paid
> for so am reluctant to get rid of it this time around.
> Thing is, I'd rather run it as a vm using virtualbox for those few times I
> must use a package that is windoze only. Can I:
> 1/ point virtualbox to that existing win7 install and instead run it as a
> vm on it's separate partition as it is now?
> 2/ make a full installation dvd of that windoze install to then wipe it
> and reinstall in a vm under Linux?
> Any ideas?
> Gavin
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