[plug] Open Source ways for us to manage our family's iPads?

Daniel Cottmain vegancaffeineaddict at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 12:14:34 WST 2012

I hope this has not already been discussed [could not access archive]:
it seems sometime soon [if it has not already happened] someone will ask us
fix their iPad. I guess there is ~'The Apple Way' but could we possibly do
some prevention by opening the
case to find serial port pins, connecting a serial port [any method to fix
one permanently so you don't have to always open the cover?] then backup
a dd disk image so  it can be restored later if needed [for someone else's],
and if you happen to own one yourself then backup before adding Ubuntu or
something ... how much hard work would this be, is it practical and does
anyone know how useable the alternative touch systems turn out to be?

thank you
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