[plug] Open Source ways for us to manage our family's iPads?

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sat Feb 25 14:38:01 WST 2012

On Sat, 2012-02-25 at 12:14 +0800, Daniel Cottmain wrote:
> Hi
> I hope this has not already been discussed [could not access archive]:
> it seems sometime soon [if it has not already happened] someone will
> ask us to
> fix their iPad. I guess there is ~'The Apple Way' but could we
> possibly do some prevention by opening the
> case to find serial port pins, connecting a serial port [any method to
> fix
> one permanently so you don't have to always open the cover?] then
> backup with
> a dd disk image so  it can be restored later if needed [for someone
> else's],
> and if you happen to own one yourself then backup before adding Ubuntu
> or
> something ... how much hard work would this be, is it practical and
> does
> anyone know how useable the alternative touch systems turn out to be?
> thank you
> Daniel
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I dont think its possible ... its an "appliance"

You might be able to set up the hardware but its apples eco-system thats
important to users and that will break by design.

Backups - thats what itunes and apples icloud is for.  Replace the
device, and just load your data onto it from the cloud.  I suspect even
most warranty repairs are just replace the device.  Its a paradigm
change in that way and requires a different mindset for maintenance

What will happen is someone will ask you to set up printing, get flash
to work, create email folders (I joke not ... not sure if its still the
case but my wifes ipad when she first got it could not create email
folders! - probably have to buy an app for that, or use your linux
desktop like I did :) - the device itself is almost maintenance free ...
by being so simple its almost brain dead in many ways.  And as for
apples much vaunted app stability and an app to do everything ... thats
not what I see in my use.  Flaky apps, lack of function, something is
supposed to work, you have to "buy it" to test, but when you get it
doesnt actually do what you want ... and its too late, you have bought
it.  Its not a lot of money, but pennies mount up!

I love the ipads screen, hate almost everything else about it,
especially the "ecosystem", weak wifi, lack of flash, simplification
such as lack of sub-albums in photos, lack of access and just plain
uselessness for real work.

I am typing this on a linux desktop ... the ipad was closer, but ...


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