[plug] Minutes for the Preliminary AGM 2012

Peter Lyons darklion at peterlyons.id.au
Tue Jan 17 18:07:28 WST 2012

Minutes of the PLUG Annual General Meeting 2012
held on Tuesday, 10th January 2012 from 7pm
at 'City West Lottery House', 2 Delhi Street, West Perth

Members present:
	Peter Lyons		(Secretary)
	Daniel Beard
	Ian Kent
	Jason Nicholls
	Nick Bannon
	Craig Inches
	James Bromberger	(Chair)
	Euan de Kock
	Harry NcNally
	Margaret Wood
	Alastair Irvine
	David Prince

Members attending via proxy:
	Lance Duivenbode
	Luke John
	Tim White

Meeting opened Tuesday January 10th 2012 at 7:09pm by James Bromberger

It was noted that quorum had not been achieved, so that the special
measures noted in the constitution would apply and a meeting would take
place in one weeks time on Tuesday 17th January 2012 from 7pm at the same

The meeting continued on an informal basis.

1. President's Welcome

2. Apologies: Luke Johns, Daniel Harmsworth

3. Minutes from 2011 AGM
	Motion: That the minutes be accepted
	Moved: Ian Kent; Seconded: Nick Bannon; Passed without dissent.

4. Matters arising

5. President's Report
	James presented his report using a series of 10 slides.

6. Treasurer's Report
	Jason reported that the club was financially healthy.
	At end of 2011: funds were $3550, plus a number of assets for the AV project.
	Revenue for 2011 was $2247 split between memberships, quiz night,
	the Rusty talk, donations and PLUG shirts.
	Expenses for 2011 was $3154 split between events, equipment (mostly
	for the AV project) and PLUG shirts.
	Total outgoings of $906, but discounting AV kit, PLUG is ahead $400.
	Bank balance today is $3299.11, Cash Box balance is $100 for a total
	of $3399.11

7. Elections
	Motion: That Jason Nicholls be appointed Returning Officer
	Moved: Peter Lyons; Seconded: Alastair Irvine; Passed without dissent.

	Election of Chairperson
		Nominations: James Bromberger, Nick Bannon
		Nick Bannon withdrew; James Bromberger elected unopposed
	Election of Vice-Chairperson
		Nominations: Euan de Kock, Nick Bannon
		Nick Bannon withdrew; Euan de Kock elected unopposed
	Election of Treasurer
		Nominations: Nick Bannon
		Nick Bannon elected unopposed
	Election of Secretary
		Nominations: Nick Bannon, Peter Lyons
		Nick Bannon withdrew; Peter Lyons elected unopposed
	Election of OCMs
		Nominations: Craig Inches, Luke John
		Nominations from the floor: Ian Kent, Alastair Irvine
		Ian Kent withdrew;
		Craig Inches, Luke John and Alastair Irvine elected unopposed.

	There was some discussion of possible methods of OCM election,
	leaning towards a "n-1" approval voting system before Jason Nicholls
	returned the chairing of the meeting to James Bromberger.

8. Constitution
	Motion on notice: That the club adopth the new Rules of Association.
	Moved: Jason Nicholls; Seconded: Alastair Irvine;
		Passed with all members present voting for, and all proxies abstaining
9. General Business
	Alastair Irvine "ranted" enthusiastically about venues, the need for
	fun in Linux, Debian as an easy entry to Linux, proposed a continuing
	series of talks eg: Packaging System building up to making own packages.
	Ian Kent suggested that such talks could serve as the basis of a PLUG
	hosted handbook.
	Alastair Irvine also noted proliferation of Window managers in Linux
	and possibility of talks on them. James Bromberger suggested a workshop.
	Jason Nicholls suggested a demo night might be a possibile workshop theme.
	Margaret Wood asked which committee members were able to sign for PO Box

10. Conclusion
	James Bromberger noted that the next Committee meeting would be via
	IRC/Mumber from 7:30pm on Monday 23rd January 2012.

	Meeting closed at 8:37pm.

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