[plug] Minutes for the reconvened PLUG AGM 2012

Peter Lyons secretary at plug.org.au
Wed Jan 25 17:04:32 WST 2012

Minutes of the PLUG reconvened Annual General Meeting 2012
held on Tuesday, 17th January 2012 from 7pm
at 'City West Lottery House', 2 Delhi Street, West Perth

Members present:
	Alastair Irvine
	Peter Lyons		(Secretary)
	Nick Bannon		(Chair)

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by Nick Bannon

1. Chair's Welcome
	Nick Bannon stated that the intention of the meeting would be to
	ratify the results of last weeks attempted AGM.

3. Minutes from 2011 AGM
	Motion: That the minutes be accepted
	Moved: Peter Lyons; Seconded: Alastair Irvine; Passed unanimously.

7. Elections
	Nick Bannon called for the meeting to proceed to the election of the'		committee.

	Peter Lyons reported that no position had more nominees that required,
	so the meeting proceeded immediately to the election results.

	Election of Chairperson
		Nominations: James Bromberger, Nick Bannon
		Nick Bannon had withdrawn; James Bromberger elected unopposed
	Election of Vice-Chairperson
		Nominations: Euan de Kock, Nick Bannon
		Nick Bannon had withdrawn; Euan de Kock elected unopposed
	Election of Treasurer
		Nominations: Nick Bannon
		Nick Bannon elected unopposed
	Election of Secretary
		Nominations: Nick Bannon, Peter Lyons
		Nick Bannon had withdrawn; Peter Lyons elected unopposed
	Election of OCMs
		Nominations: Craig Inches, Luke John
		Nominations from the floor: Alastair Irvine
		Craig Inches, Luke John and Alastair Irvine elected unopposed.

	Alastair Irvine and Nick Bannon expressed interest in increasing the
	number of OCMs in the future (with alterations in quorum to ensure
	Executive presence).  

8. Constitution
	Motion on notice: That the club adopt the new Rules of Association.
	Moved: Peter Lyons Nicholls; Seconded: Alastair Irvine;
		Passed with all members present voting in the affirmative.

9. General Business
	Motion: To confirm that the annual membership fee be set to $20.00
	Moved: Peter Lyons; Seconded: Alastair Irvine; Passed without dissent.

	Meeting closed at 7:45pm.

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