[plug] Centos openvpn question if I could

Gameldar gameldar at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 09:10:54 WST 2012

On 27 January 2012 20:52, Chris Griffin <griffinster at gmail.com> wrote:

> No worries:
> [root at unknown0800273cf373 ~]# rpm -ql openswan-2.6.32-9.el6.i686
> /etc/ipsec.conf
> /etc/ipsec.d

I don't know CentOS - but looking at the file and the openswan wiki - it is
an alternative to openvpn (it's an ipsec implementation), not the same
thing. So if you have been using openvpn in the past you'll need to install
openvpn not openswan - then it should look familiar.Otherwise depending on
what is on the other end of the tunnel you can possibly get openswan to do
it for you.
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