[plug] Centos openvpn question if I could

Ian Kent raven at themaw.net
Mon Jan 30 10:55:28 WST 2012

On Fri, 2012-01-27 at 15:09 +0800, Chris Griffin wrote:
> Greetings folks,
> cat /etc/redI have decided to give up on Fedora (I hate what they have
> done with it since version 15) and I am in the process of checking out
> Centos 6.2.

Yeah, I don't like the Gnone3 interface either, still wondering what
I'll do about that.

> It looks good but I have installed openvpn (openswan) and rpm tells me
> it is there but the /etc/openvpn directory is not there nor is the
> /etc/init.d/openvpn startup script.

Obviously you won't find that in an openswan install since it would
conflict with the init script in an openvpn install.

> Is there some other component I need to install to get that all working?

You probably should have a look at the extras repo for Enterprise Linux:

where you will find the openvpn package.


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