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Hi David

Short term lurker first time poster.

Full Disclosure :My area of expertise is networking not Linux.

If it was me, I would do it with DD to try and copy the drive, but the
problem is by intensely reading it in order to copy it, you can
actually have problems as the copy is taking place if the disk is
faulty. Kind of like when people have a raid 5 array, sometimes if
they lose 1 disk, install a new disk and tell the raid array to
rebuild the rebuild of the raid array is so intense on the disks that
it actually kills another disk.

Anyway I could be wrong and there could be better ways to copy, but if
it was me i would limit hte amount of reading/writing i was doing to
the disk, just get whatever was super important to me and then only
after that would i try copying the whole disk.

Kind Regards
Peter Revill
Dual CCIE #18371 Routing and Switching, Voice

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 I have signs of my hard drive failing. On 2 recent occasions it
 to boot, one with a 'read error' warning. Second attempts were
 successful but I'm now afraid that the next attempt will be the last.

 The main OS is Mint Helena but there is XP, Ubuntu and the latest
 version on it as well. I don't care about the other Linux versions
 the only reason for keeping Windows is the grandkids giving me an
 V nice of them but....

 There is room and there are power plugs for for the new drive if
 thought to be the way to go to transfer what's necessary before
 the old one.

 I'm not sure that my technical ability is good enough to tackle the
 and wonder if you could recommend someone who could take on a little
 paid job. Including the supply of the new drive, approximately how
 would I be up for, do you think?

 Dave Dartnall

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