[plug] SOHO UPS Suggestions

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Thu Jun 7 10:33:03 WST 2012

On 06/06/12 20:48, Kevin Shackleton wrote:

> You need to get batteries with 6.35 mm spades, not the 4.5 mm spades
> that Altronic/Jaycar batteries have.  These batteries should have better
> high-current rating than the ones used to power burglar alarms.  They're
> obtainable through Battery World, if anyone knows of a cheaper source ? ?

I buy mine from YHI in Welshpool. I generally buy a box (4 or 5 
depending on the actual battery) at a time though. They are not really 
geared up for ones or twos as they generally wholesale.

I buy the genuine CSB batteries (which are what all APC units come with) 
and the prices are about 1/3 of those the Electronic stores sell their 
generic cheap garbage for.

In a UPS, battery quality matters.

I recently replaced batteries in 3 APC units. One BackUPS (7.5ah), a 
SmartUPS 1200 (4x7.5ah) and a SmartUPS 2200 (4x17ah). This whole lot 
cost me a whisker over $250 and I know they will last the distance.

I have a magnificent MGE 2200 VA full on-line jobbie here that I 
recently picked up from Gumtree for the princely sum of $80. It uses 
6*7.5ah batteries. As an indicator, the bloke I bought it off re-celled 
it 3 years ago, and the CSB batteries that are in it all test out fine 
(under heavy load).

Don't ever go to the retailers for UPS batteries. The crap (and that is 
putting it mildly) you get from Jaycar or Altronics or any of the 
security wholesalers around town is always more expensive and has a far 
higher internal resistance than the real stuff.

Please don't go hammering YHI for one offs. Maybe if there is enough 
interest we could organise a group buy.

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