[plug] Mount Compressed Image

Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Thu Jun 7 13:46:09 WST 2012

Hi all,

We have a process which every so often could run out of memory. To diagnose the problem we are generating a full memory dump of the process. Our problem is that the generated dump does not fit onto the available allocated disk space. Before you go off and tell me to get more disk space I have to say that this is in a VM. We could increase the amount of space available, however before doing this I was contemplating other options. What I came up with was to use a compressed image to write the logs to. Something like mounting a ZIP file in read / write mode. Writing speed is not that much of an issue here as long as it is comparable to using an NFS share. The file being generated is possibly several GB large. In testing GZIP managed to reduce it significantly. 

I had a look online and found several options to achieve this in read-only mode, but I need write access to the compressed disk image as well.

Thanks in advance

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