[plug] Wordpress Alternatives

Chris Hoy Poy chris at hoypoy.id.au
Wed Jun 20 11:00:29 WST 2012

I'd suggest that Drupal / Joomla suffer from similiar security issues to Wordpress (PHP + canned plugins/modules etc)

These can all be secured as well as any other framework, I suspect. 

Its usually badly chosen plugins for wordpress that cause concern, but again same issues applies to any of these frameworks. 

I'll suggest Python+Django if you want to distance yourself more from PHP, but thats a personal preference for me. 

I do admin a few wordpress, joomla, drupal and django sites. 


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Hi all,

I was about to start a new website project using wordpress but ran into
a problem. It appears that wordpress is masked on Gentoo due to security


I found quite a few of alternatives, however not really sure which one
to do with. Drupal or Joomla seems nice enough. Any suggestions on which
alternative is best ?

Kind regards
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