[plug] Snapgears for Sale

Scott Middleton scott at assuretek.com.au
Fri Jun 29 10:56:42 WST 2012

Hi Guys

I have some Linux based hardware routers for sale

I know a few of us have used snapgears over the years.  They have built in
SSH so make an excellent configurable Linux router.

I have
560, 565 and a 580. All second hand and working. I just factory defaulted
them. The 565 has built in Wireless, they all do VoIP proxy. Personally I
think the GUI is the best that I have seen out of all the Linux based

I'll be putting them up on Ebay tomorrow so if any one is interested in
making an offer let me know.

Kind Regards

Scott Middleton
Managing Director
Linux Consultants Pty Ltd t/as AssureTek
Email - Scott at assuretek.com.au
Phone - 1300 551 696
Mobile - 0400 212 724
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