[plug] Debian bug squashing party at UCC next weekend

Paul Wise pabs at debian.org
Sun Mar 4 12:17:34 WST 2012

Hi all,

Next weekend is the Debian bug squashing party at UCC[1], 
thanks go to UCC for having us, much appreciated!

The wiki page only lists three attendees, anyone else coming?

James Bromberger mentioned that there are some A4 posters and a banner
for the event, are there any volunteers for posting these up in
appropriate places at UWA or other unis?

I've written up a preliminary and flexible schedule on the wiki page, I
hope that it is OK for everyone.

On Saturday I will do an introduction to Debian bug squashing and other
Debian development stuff. Sunday too if needed. I would welcome
suggestions about what I should be presenting here, how much knowledge
of Debian and or software development do the people who are coming have?

     1. http://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2012/03/au/Perth


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