[plug] NBN Talk: Thank You

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed Mar 14 08:32:08 WST 2012

Thank you to all who came last night to the NBN talk at UWA - and the 30
odd people we had watching the stream and asking questions on IRC. A
huge thanks to Chris Roberts from NBN Co who flew to Perth to join us,
and to Gavin Tweedie (iiNet) and Warrick Mitchel (AARNet) for
participating in a very informative panel discussion.

Thank you to Dr Chris McDonald at UWA for the kind use of the venue, and
Mark Tearle for bringing along some of his fibre items to look at, and
iiNet for having /*two*/ NBN Co devices - one of which managed to loose
it's housing screws and get opened within a few seconds of arriving --
for all to have a look inside!

Hopefully the combination of our guests and the equipment helped clarify
some of the technical implementation solutions behind the NBN.

The video of the session should be available in the next few days -
thanks to all who helped set up, record, and pack up the video kit.

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