[plug] [OT] Server Hardware "shops"

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 05:29:37 WST 2012

In the near future I'm looking at building my own server that will 
eventually take upto maybe 8 HDDs for storage requirements, as well as 
being a server for a number of functions.
For this reason, I'm probably going with 3-4RU cases, and hot swap 
cages. I've seen a few cases with 7 5.25" drive bays, and seen a number 
of 5 in 3 cages (5 3.5" drives in 3 5.25" bays), so assuming I have 1 
for DVD, that allows upto 10 drives.

So the question is, where do pluggers go for their server hardware? I'm 
ideally going for standard kind of motherboard with a few extra SATA 
controllers to allow me up to 8 drives (plus an internal for OS).

To keep it semi On topic, this server will be running Linux, like all my 
other machines around. :-P


p.s. I'm assuming most people will direct me to online shops, this is 
fine as I don't need a brick and mortar shop.

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