[plug] PLUG: Paul Fenwick "Awesome things you've missed in Perl 5.14", Tuesday 1st May @ 7pm WST

Jason Nicholls jason at mindsocket.com.au
Wed May 2 10:13:31 WST 2012

Hello Garry,

Was at work last night and tried to listen to the icecast, unsuccessfully.
> Was there a broadcast, or problems?

We were streaming and weren't aware of any issues. Just FYI and for the
rest of PLUGers, please jump on our IRC channel while streaming cause we're
monitoring it for questions/probs etc... I know this might have been a bit
tricky when using a phone though!

I will be posting the video a little later today and will annouce to the
list when it's up.

Jason Nicholls
jason at mindsocket.com.au
0430 314 857
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