[plug] PLUG: Paul Fenwick "Awesome things you've missed in Perl 5.14", Tuesday 1st May @ 7pm WST

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed May 2 10:55:29 WST 2012

On 2/05/2012 9:14 AM, Garry wrote:
> Was at work last night and tried to listen to the icecast,
> unsuccessfully.
> Was there a broadcast, or problems?
There was a broadcast, but we did have (minor?) problems...

The Icecast page (the URL we hand out) will list the stream at the time
its streaming. You then click the URL to bring up the video: perhaps if
you had that stream's full URL you may be able to throw that directly
into your media player. We generally use the URL PLUG-Live, but that
/could /change so hence we've been pointing people at the Icecast home
page to let people follow the link.

The problem we did have was that dvgab had failed to work on two of the
video ingest workstations; I'm working on this today for next time. This
means we have the slides, and the audio.

> Was the first time I'd tried to listen, used a couple of android apps,
> which couldn't connect to the plug icecast url. They could listen to
> pre-set icecasts though.
> Will a video be coming?

Yes. The video will be just audio and the slides as mentioned above. It
will be possibly a day or so until its up.


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