[plug] re; locating a persons location via static ip address

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 14:30:03 WST 2012

On 09/10/12 18:56, Jon Miller wrote:
> The IP address seems to be the address of the exchange that the user 
> connects to, I had a look at the headers of the e-mail and the 
> originating ip address points to the wellington exchange of Telstra 
> (X-Originating-IP: []).
> This is all we can see.  We just know that all 3 people uses the same 
> exchange which leads us to believe that the 3 people are the same.  
> Also the police now has called the individual and told her a 
> restraining orders has been applied and will be sent to her.

Glad that something has happened. For the record, the ip address is not 
an exchange ip address. You'll probably never see an "exchange" ip 
address, as the exchange is normally not layer 3.

A reverse lookup of gives us 
CPE-124-178-43-242.lns1.pie.bigpond.net.au. which tells us a number of 
things. The first is that it's a persons connection (person is very 
broad). CPE means Customer Premises Equipment, which is a fancy way of 
saying it's someone's modem. Other than that, I can't interpret what the 
other parts of the hostname are. I can tell you however from a simple 
tracepath, that it's going through the Perth core network, which happens 
to be in Wellington (not sure if it's the exchange or not), so you can 
guess that the customer is somewhere in Western Australia.

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