[plug] News roundup from Tuesday: Thanks to Andrew Williams, PLUG T-Shirts, Raspberry Pis, LCA, Meta-Meetup

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Sat Oct 13 22:18:46 WST 2012

Hello all,

Somewhat belatedly on my behalf[1], I am able to follow-up and thank Dr
Andrew Williams for his presentation on Python in Radio Astronomy, and
SpaceCubed for hosting PLUG last Tuesday. If you missed it, then don't
miss out - see here:

We had around 20 people present, so thanks to everyone who made it;
there were some very welcome fresh faces too! We have had many people
express how much they enjoyed the presentation.

PLUG has been publishing our back catalogue of videos into YouTube, and
we're getting a steady stream of people watching:

Our thanks also to PLUG VP Euan de Kock for organising the latest round
of PLUG T-Shirts - the list of talks for 2011 - 2012. These ended up
being $25 each for those that put their hand up for one.

We also managed to finally give one of the Raspberry Pis to this years
Quiz night winners back in March - James Henstridge. While we're still
waiting for one last one to be shipped to us, we're slowly getting
there. Well done again James.

In other news, our UserConf group have submitted a bid for Linux.conf.au
2014 to the Linux Australia council. We'll find out in a few weeks if
that's selected. Much more immediately is the opening of registrations
for Linux.conf.au 2013 in Canberra - with Early Bird tickets 97% sold
out at this time.

Back on Wednesday 3rd of October the Meta-meetup of most Perth tech
groups happened again at SpaceCubed - the State Library presented about
Legal Deposit and the impact on digital publishing. This Meta-meetup is
on again on the 1st Wednesday of next month - 7th November. As always,
admission is free, and there's normally around 40- 80 people to chat to.

[1] /Slight/ domestic issue with excess water

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