[plug] PLUG xmas barbecue -- who's interested?

Alastair Irvine alastair at plug.org.au
Mon Oct 15 20:30:32 WST 2012

Hi, all.  At the last committee meeting, we discussed the idea of
holding a PLUG barbecue some time in December.

Please let us know by replying to list or committee at plug.org.au
whether we should go ahead.  Feel free to let us know what your
preferred weekend day is: Saturday or Sunday.

There are four weekends in Decemenber prior to Christmas Day.  Do
you have a preference as to which weekend you'd be more likely to
be free on?  You are welcome to specify exactly which days are best.
 1st & 2nd
 8th & 9th
15th & 16th
22nd & 23rd

We look forward to your input.  Thanks!

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