[plug] This weekend re. PLUG cabling and server

Euan de Kock euan at dekock.net
Tue Sep 25 20:54:32 WST 2012

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the update.

I'll sign up for the 6th.

I can bring:

Hacksaw, cutters, pliers etc, multimeter, electric drill (mains and
battery version), I also have a RJ45 crimping tool.



On 09/25/12 20:41, Craig Inches wrote:
> Hi All,
> Ok lets try this one again! Im sorry ive been having some difficulty
> with my emails past week or so and swamped with work and Uni so not alot
> of time to investigate whats going on.
> Ok so far I havent had a chance to get in and look around the ceiling to
> confirm some good cable runs, but I will contact Brodie to organise this
> either later this week or over the long weekend.
> I unfortunately will not be available this Saturday due to work,
> but willing to commit to the weekend after to PLUG Cable fest.
> Can I get a show of hands of who would be willing/able to come along and
> help out PLUG and Space Cubed on the Saturday 6th Oct??
> All Welcome, looking for as much help to get this done in a day. Its not
> overly complex just some wall sockets and relatively short runs of
> cable, so if you always wondered how the damn things are put together
> come along and take a look.
> Also if you have some hand tools to loan for the day,
> drills/hacksaws/krone tools etc they would be greatly appreiciated!
> Cheers,
> Craig
> On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 11:50:21PM +0800, Alastair Irvine wrote:
>> Hi, Craig.
>> I hear that you're interested in checking out Spacecubed this
>> weekend for cabling and such.
>> We'd like to work around that to find a time in which to work on the
>> new plug server.  Can you please let us know your plans, if any?
>> If no-one else has any preference, I'd suggest Saturday for the
>> Spacecubed thing, that way I can get do on Saturday something that I
>> need to do this weekend that's going to take me several hours.
>> Therefore I'll be free on Sunday for server stuff.
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