[plug] This weekend re. PLUG cabling and server

Craig Inches plug at xayto.net
Tue Sep 25 20:41:43 WST 2012

Hi All,

Ok lets try this one again! Im sorry ive been having some difficulty
with my emails past week or so and swamped with work and Uni so not alot
of time to investigate whats going on.

Ok so far I havent had a chance to get in and look around the ceiling to
confirm some good cable runs, but I will contact Brodie to organise this
either later this week or over the long weekend.

I unfortunately will not be available this Saturday due to work,
but willing to commit to the weekend after to PLUG Cable fest.

Can I get a show of hands of who would be willing/able to come along and
help out PLUG and Space Cubed on the Saturday 6th Oct??

All Welcome, looking for as much help to get this done in a day. Its not
overly complex just some wall sockets and relatively short runs of
cable, so if you always wondered how the damn things are put together
come along and take a look.

Also if you have some hand tools to loan for the day,
drills/hacksaws/krone tools etc they would be greatly appreiciated!


On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 11:50:21PM +0800, Alastair Irvine wrote:
> Hi, Craig.
> I hear that you're interested in checking out Spacecubed this
> weekend for cabling and such.
> We'd like to work around that to find a time in which to work on the
> new plug server.  Can you please let us know your plans, if any?
> If no-one else has any preference, I'd suggest Saturday for the
> Spacecubed thing, that way I can get do on Saturday something that I
> need to do this weekend that's going to take me several hours.
> Therefore I'll be free on Sunday for server stuff.
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