[plug] This weekend re. PLUG cabling and server

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue Sep 25 21:51:17 WST 2012

On 25/09/2012 9:27 PM, Kevin Shackleton wrote:
> I don't know what the deal is at Space Cubed with assistance, but
> installed data cabling needs to be done or at least supervised by a
> licensed cabler.  So that proper separation from mains is observed,
> etc.  Is there a plan to have a licensed cabler on site?
> I have a cabling licence, but at this point I'm not sure if I'll be
> available on 6 Oct.  I don't have a certifying tool on hand, but it
> would be a good idea for someone to borrow one if they can.
> If you're going across some ceiling space you'll almost certainly want
> to hang the wires from a catenary of galv steel wire, with cable ties
> every 50 cm, so you're not laying the data cables on top of the fluoro
> power cables.

Good point - luckily Craig is licensed. But if anyone wants to learn to
crimp, please come and help. This is a simple install - and will help
PLUG because....

In exchange for doing this, PLUG gets to have meetings at SpaceCubed for
a while, which saves us some money month-to-month on CWLH!


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