[plug] {Somewhat Offtopic} Self Education, US Visa's and Linux - The E3 Visa

nervlord at internode.on.net nervlord at internode.on.net
Mon Dec 23 09:04:30 UTC 2013

 Hi Guys 
 Long time subscriber not very often poster, This is slightly off 
topic but as IT professionals some of you are probably, like me: self 
taught, no uni degree.  
 Long story short: been offered a job in the US doing System 
Admin/Network Engineering for Linuxy/Ciscoy stuff., I have ALMOST 12 
years work experience, a tafe degree in programming and triple CCIE, 
but no uni degree! I am a bit worried about getting the E3 Visa, which 
requires apparently 12 years experience, I am so close (11 years 6 
months) and with everything else including being published in 
computerworld and a few other bits and bobs remain somewhat hopeful. 
 I guess i would feel even better if anyone could share any success 
stories: do you know or have you yourself ever gotten an E3 or H1B1 
Visa from work experience alone (no uni degree) and if so how many 
years experience did you have or what else did you use? 
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