[plug] Arduino Mini-Conference 2014 ?

Andy Gelme andyg at geekscape.org
Mon Feb 4 05:56:13 UTC 2013

hi Paul,

On 2013-02-4 16:51 , Paul Del wrote:
> I had a quick chat with Jenna who knows Michael Harmsworth about an
> Arduino miniconf.

Cool.  I think that is perhaps Daniel Harmsworth.

> So just make sure they are aware and we will chat to them about that
> in the coming weeks when we have a general LCA chat in Perth.

The Artifactory (Perth HackerSpace) are excellent ... and we'd be very
happy to work with them.

The logistics over 4,000 Km is tricky ... and local help would be great.

Having said that ... our first Arduino Mini-Conference was in
Wellington, NZ for LCA2010 :)

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