[plug] [plug-ctte] PLUG Committee meeting Monday 25th 7PM

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Sun Feb 24 12:29:49 UTC 2013

Hey Peter and the Committee

Reminder for the committee meeting Monday night the 25th
mumble and irc.
7:30pm Start, I put 7:00PM as people get there late then we don't start on

One more agenda item's
We need to think of quiz prizes for the PLUG 2013 quiz night.
James will run the event but doesn't have time to organise the prizes.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

Chat to you all then
Paul Del

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:04 PM, Peter Lyons <darklyon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Guys
> I've got internet access again at home, and don't have to do any more
> moving, so will make the next meeting.
> Thanks Paul for getting an agenda together much earlier than normal!  I've
> put an event in the calendar for the meeting,
> and included an outline of this agenda in it. I've put it as 7pm, though
> some people seemed to think 7:30pm :)
> (at least one person was hoping for 7:30pm I'm sure :)).
> The major agenda item from the previous meeting was, I believe,
> SpaceCubed, and also shell accounts; so
> it seems to all be covered.
> Peter
> On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 5:08 PM, Paul Del <p at delfante.it> wrote:
>> Hey Guys
>> PLUG Committee meeting Monday 25th 7PM. Hope to chat to you all then.
>> If I have forgot anything please let me know.
>> #Committee stuff
>> 1. Do we publish Committee meetings and minutes and try to get more
>> attendance from our membership?
>> 1b. Euan also suggested publishing meeting minutes after being edited
>> including moderation.
>> 1c. Should we put the Committee meeting event on the PLUG calendar
>> 1d. Next committee meeting is 7pm Monday 25th of February on
>>         mumble.plug.org.au and irc.gimp.org #plug
>> #SpaceCubed
>> 2. Euan and Luke have done a great job at leading the charge for
>> SpaceCubed cabling/comms.
>> Work will commence @11am Saturday 23rd and Sunday of Feb
>> #Promotion / Advertising
>> 3. Paul to get bank stuff sorted, I am getting sig from James/Nick.
>> 3b. Luke was looking at a Social media plugin? to agree-gate our drupal
>> content to facebook, twitter etc
>>         Did Jason and Leon also mention something about that?
>> 3c. Paul meetup.com sign up, its quite to do. I just need the invite
>> from Brett.
>> 3d. SFD 2013 September promo. *website not up to date yet
>>        http://softwarefreedomday.org/
>> 3e. Promote PLUG/LCA using meetup.com/perth-small-biz.
>> 3g. Any other Promo/Advertising tasks?
>> #Admin tasks
>> 4. Leon, Has set-up RT for us. Thanks!. I also need to know how the lca
>> email is handled. I can make RT email, that's easy. The inbound stuff is a
>> little more work, some of which is outside my control currently.
>> 4b. Alastair https membership broken. Cert needs renewal.
>> https://secure.plug.org.au/ugmm/signup
>>        Alastair is going to do this get the plain jane cert for @domain
>> and www.
>> 4c. Nick give Paul web access for events/calendar access updating etc.
>> 4d. Clear up advertising of PLUG shell access for members. Might need to
>> refund Liam and Jason.
>>         Jason did email Liam, Nick still had some questions.
>> 4e. Euan, Did reimburse James Bromberger for Rasberry PI *3 for 2012 quiz.
>> 4f. Any other admin tasks?
>> #LCA
>> 5. Euan, LCA2014 Update - This should now be a permanent agenda item so
>> the PLUG committee is kept informed about what is going on.
>> 5. Paul - Id like to organise a general LCA meeting/chat with PLUG and
>> Artifactory members to see who want's to be involved and get the word out
>> there early.
>> 5b. Luke will have a few things to say I'm sure
>> 5d. Any other LCA questions?
>> If anything needs adjusting or adding please send back to me.
>> I believe there was some previous agenda items from previous meetings?
>> Cheers Paul Del
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