[plug] PLUG Committee 2013 Election Results

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed Jan 16 13:23:01 UTC 2013


Thanks Peter for the official word following last nights' followup
meeting according to the constitution, and to all who turned up (again).

I'd like to thank PLUG for the last two years that I have had to help
move the organisation forward and prepare for the future. Its been
pretty clear that my free time has disappeared recently, and it would
have been unfair for me to occupy a valuable position on Committee
without the time to deliver results. 

A big thank you to the 2012
Committee for all your time and effort, and to everyone who has
participated in a PLUG event. 

Congratulations to the 2013 Committee
elect; I urge you to give it your all, and continue to encourage the
membership to get involved! There's some 350 people on this mailing
list, but far too few have actually participated in any activities,
meetings, or even discussions (imagine what could be done with ~$7,000
income to PLUG each year)! 



On 2013-01-16 16:38,
Peter Lyons wrote: 

> Now that the PLUG AGM is finally completed, I can
announce the new committee
> for 2013:
> Chair: Euan de Kock
Vice-Chair: Nick Bannon
> Treasurer: Paul Del Fante
> Secretary: Peter
> OCMs: Alastair Irvine, Luke John, Jason Nicholls

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