[plug] Request for advice about RAID & networking problem

Chris Hoy Poy chris at hoypoy.id.au
Thu Jan 24 03:27:59 UTC 2013

Hi Joe

first off, does the top level filesystem support expansion (ie EXT3, EXT4, XFS or something). Otherwise, copy all the data off, rebuild with full capacity, use a file system that does support expansion, copy it all back. 

then something like: (you may need google to assist, but this approach generally works):
Resize the MD disk array (mdadm grow ? or something like that) 

then resize the pv (pvresize), which I think automatically resizes the VG, then you can resize the LV (lvresize) and then finally resize the file system (resize2fs for EXT3, EXT4 etc, I have no problems doing this with the file system online. xfs_growfs works for XFS too). 

for the ethernet issue, if its debian, poke around in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

You should see your old ethernet MAC listed in there. Delete all the NIC entries and reboot, it'll fix itself. :)

(probably should back up that file before editing and all if you are uncomfortable, but I do that a fair bit!).
There is a way to turn off that udev thing, I can't remember it atm. :) I'm sure someone will point out a reference on how to do it. I'm too lazy to open a new tab and google for it myself, right now. 



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Hello all.

I thought I'd ask here for some advice about a RAID & networking 
problem. I am sure that there are far more knowledgeable people out 
there than me, since I am a relatively recent adoptee of Linux. Of 
course, I realise that this may not be an appropriate forum for this 
enquiry and would ask for guidance as to where I can go to get 
further assistance (other than everyone's friend Mr Google).

I just had to build a new Linux box to replace an old server that was 
running on 2 old 500 Gb hard drives, running on RAID 1 and LVM. The 
new box has two 1Tb hard drives again running RAID 1 and LVM - I did 
a dd of one of the old drives and let the second drive resync from 
that. Was that a good way to go? The new machine boots and seems to 
run fine and everything seems to be there. However I am not sure of 
exactly how to get access to the extra 500Gb of space that the new 
drives provide. Any suggestion for doing this would be appreciated.

The real problem is that the on-board Gigabit LAN is being seen as 
eth2 instead of as eth0 as it was on the old board. How do I "fix" 
this and get LAN/internet connectivity again? What config files do I 
need to edit and where do I go looking for them? I have never been 
great when it comes to setting up/modifying networks and am feeling 
even more out of my depth trying to do it Linux.

Thanks in advance from a frustrated Linux newbie.

Joe Aquilina

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