[plug] Request for advice about RAID & networking problem

Joe Aquilina joeaquilina at westnet.com.au
Thu Jan 24 06:13:44 UTC 2013

At 11:27 AM 24/01/2013, you wrote:
>Hi Joe
>first off, does the top level filesystem support expansion (ie EXT3, 
>EXT4, XFS or something). Otherwise, copy all the data off, rebuild 
>with full capacity, use a file system that does support expansion, 
>copy it all back.

How do I find out if the top-level file system supports expansion? 
What tool will give me that info? Is that something I can find in 
fdisk output or am I looking at something else for that? Given that 
there is RAID 1 and LVM on top of that, I suspect it might be a 
combination of tools.

>then something like: (you may need google to assist, but this 
>approach generally works):
>Resize the MD disk array (mdadm grow ? or something like that)

I tried that already but it didn't seem to have any effect. Does that 
mean that the top level file system is not expandable? I tried:
mdadm --grow --size max /dev/md1
as it is that particular RAID array I want to expand.

>then resize the pv (pvresize), which I think automatically resizes 
>the VG, then you can resize the LV (lvresize) and then finally 
>resize the file system (resize2fs for EXT3, EXT4 etc, I have no 
>problems doing this with the file system online. xfs_growfs works 
>for XFS too).
>for the ethernet issue, if its debian, poke around in 
>You should see your old ethernet MAC listed in there. Delete all the 
>NIC entries and reboot, it'll fix itself. :)
>(probably should back up that file before editing and all if you are 
>uncomfortable, but I do that a fair bit!).
>There is a way to turn off that udev thing, I can't remember it atm. 
>:) I'm sure someone will point out a reference on how to do it. I'm 
>too lazy to open a new tab and google for it myself, right now.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that it is Debian Squeeze, v6.0.6. I seem 
to recall having to make a change in 
/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules when we went through a 
similar process a year or so ago, but I forgot about that this time 
around. Will have a look in there later (the machine is offsite so I 
will have to go for a little drive later).

Thanks for the prompt response, I will let you know if I have any 
further problems on the networking side.

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>Hello all.
>I thought I'd ask here for some advice about a RAID & networking
>problem. I am sure that there are far more knowledgeable people out
>there than me, since I am a relatively recent adoptee of Linux. Of
>course, I realise that this may not be an appropriate forum for this
>enquiry and would ask for guidance as to where I can go to get
>further assistance (other than everyone's friend Mr Google).
>I just had to build a new Linux box to replace an old server that was
>running on 2 old 500 Gb hard drives, running on RAID 1 and LVM. The
>new box has two 1Tb hard drives again running RAID 1 and LVM - I did
>a dd of one of the old drives and let the second drive resync from
>that. Was that a good way to go? The new machine boots and seems to
>run fine and everything seems to be there. However I am not sure of
>exactly how to get access to the extra 500Gb of space that the new
>drives provide. Any suggestion for doing this would be appreciated.
>The real problem is that the on-board Gigabit LAN is being seen as
>eth2 instead of as eth0 as it was on the old board. How do I "fix"
>this and get LAN/internet connectivity again? What config files do I
>need to edit and where do I go looking for them? I have never been
>great when it comes to setting up/modifying networks and am feeling
>even more out of my depth trying to do it Linux.
>Thanks in advance from a frustrated Linux newbie.
>Joe Aquilina

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