[plug] Committee Meeting Minutes 25/02/2013

Peter Lyons secretary at plug.org.au
Mon May 20 04:00:08 UTC 2013

Minutes for PLUG Committee Meeting, Monday 25/02/2013
held via Mumble on mumble.plug.org.au
and IRC at irc.gimp.org on channell #plug
from 7:05pm until 8:25pm

Present:	Euan de Kock (Chair), Nick Bannon (Vice-Chair),
		Peter Lyons (Secretary), Paul Del Fante (Treasurer)
		Jason Nicholls (OCM), Luke John (OCM),
		Alastair Irvine (OCM)
Apologies:	None
Absent:		None
Chair:		Euan de Kock
Minute Taker:	Peter Lyons

Meeting opened at 7:05pm

0. Apologies:	Peter Lyons (post-8pm), Alastair Irvine (pre-7:30pm)

1. Minutes
	Motion: that minutes of last committee meeting be accepted
	Moved: Nick Bannon; Seconded: Luke John; Passed without dissent.

2. Reports
	Secretary reported that several applications/renewals have been
	received but he has not yet been able to process them.
	(Nick noted that we may need to check up things on ugmm).
	nb: - UGMM = User Group Membership Management software
			developed for PLUG by Tim White.
		ACTION: Nick membership system (UGMM) follow up.
		ACTION: Peter to try and use the system (UGMM).

3. Specific Business
3a. Committee Stuff
	- The idea of publishing committee minutes was supported with some
	  discussion of the need for them to be quick and meet legal
	  requirements. Euan raised the point that IRC logs are only easy
	  to understand if you attended the meeting. Jason proposed a two
	  step process, whereby the minutes are double checked before being
	  posted generally.
		ACTION: Jason to check next through minutes when next published to commitee list.
	- Paul reported that he had a signed form and number generator dongle
	  from James for bank account access, just needs another signature.
	  Someone volunteered to supply remaining signature at next physical meetup.

3b. SpaceCubed
	Successfully cabled on preceeding weekend, with only two patch panel
	terminations still requiring attention. Need a switch, but a member
	has volunteered one at a good price. Paul noted that he can get
	a TPLINK 5port POE switch for $40.
	nb :- SpaceCubed will reimburse us for any switch purchases.
	Nick reported that the bank balance was $2,135.86
	Committee approved the purchase of the members switch.

3c. Promotion / Advertising
	- Luke noted that most gateways have moved to a commercial model
	  however, hootsuite has been around a while and does most things
	  though free version can only be accessed by one committee member
	- Discussion on using meetup.com, Brett Treasure has a spare account
	  he can let us use, Paul can also use the one with his perth-small-biz
	  to promote.
	- SFD site needs to be updated 
		ACTION: Paul to take care of meetup accounts.
	Alastair Irvine enters the meeting at 7:30pm.
3d. Admin Tasks
	- Leon has setup RT for us but nees to know how email is to be handled.
		ACTION: Luke to email URL to list.
	  Discussion on using RT for PLUG as well as LCA purposes and whether
	  and how much to mix use of PLUG and LCA machines.
	  Motion: that we keep LCA and PLUG facilities on their respectived vpS with exception of RT
	  Moved: Alastair; Seconded: Nick?; Defeated.
	- Luke says he needs to Liase with Steve Walsh on RT.
	- Alastair has no news on the Certificate renewal, but he will pursue it.
	- Nick is still to give Paul access to events calendar
	  however, Luke actioned this during the meeting.
	- Euan asked about shell access, Jason reported that he has updated the
	  relevant pages. Emails to the appropriate members have been sent
	  offering reimbursement if desired, but no replies yet received.
	- Euan reported that James has been reimbursed for his PI purchases.
	- Jason asked to be added to the admin mailing list.
	- Alastair asked about editing websites - still need anwser on question
	  about granting further admin accounts - and asked for admin access himself.
		ACTION: Alastair to email Luke & admin list for Drupal admin access.
		ACTION: ALL who need Drupal admin access to email admin list.
		ACTION: Alastair to talk to Paul about admin rights.

3e. LCA
	- Euan noted intermingling of LCA & PLUG tasks which need to be kept
	  separated, however committee should keep an eye on them.
	- Luke concurs and gave a brief report:
		Luke emailed about ghosts,narrowing dates down: post April 15.
		UWA to give final confirm on Monday.
		Luke spoke about Scott Ludlum's post lca2012 event and reprising
		it for 2013; Scott is also enthusiastic about SFD.
	- Paul reported that we lots of support from Canberra and Brisbane
	  teams who have offered help over the phone.

3f. Quiz Night Prizes
	- Euan reported James has 2 prizes - themed monopoly sets.
	  Discussion on more prizes - Arduino or Leosticks or kits.
	  2 leosticks to make up first prize with monopoly sets.
	Peter Lyons and Jason left the meeting at 8:05pm.

3g. Misc / 4. General Business
	- Agreed that we should publish the talks that Edge of the Web are
	  putting on.
	- Luke offered A-frames to PLUG - will take a few.
	- Brett has offered to help document the AV team process.
		ACTION: Luke to confirm our booking with SpaceCubed.
		ACTION: AV need to have clear policy on loan of equipment and setup process etc.
		ACTION: Nick to cancel our bookings at Lotterywest
		ACTION: Alastair to get Paul's Drupal account set up.

5. Next Meeting
	Monday 18th March at 7:30pm for Committee Meeting.
	Next PLUG talk at 6:30pm on March 12th.

Meeting closed at 8:08pm

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