[plug] Committee Meeting Minutes 15/04/2013

Peter Lyons secretary at plug.org.au
Mon May 20 04:05:33 UTC 2013

Minutes for PLUG Committee Meeting, Monday 15/04/2013
held via Mumble on mumble.plug.org.au
and IRC at irc.gimp.org on channell #plug
from 7:38pm until 8:28pm

Present:	Euan de Kock (Chair), Alastair Irvine (OCM)
		Peter Lyons (Secretary), Luke John (OCM)
		Jason Nicholls (OCM)
Apologies:	Nick Bannon (Vice-Chair), Paul Del Fante (Treasurer)
Absent:		None
Chair:		Euan de Kock
Minute Taker:	Peter Lyons

Meeting opened at 7:38pm

0. Apologies:	Nick Bannon, Paul Del Fante

1. Minutes
	Euan asked about posting and correctness of minutes.
	Peter reported that he hadn't posted the minutes to public lists yet.
	Motion: that minutes be accepted.
	Moved: Euan; Seconded: Luke; Passed without dissent.

2. Reports

3. Specific Business

3a. Quiz night
	Alastair reports on quiz night, he though questions were good and
	that it moved through quickly without dragging on.
	Committee asks Alastair to draft a letter of thanks to James.
	Euan asked about status of Monopoly board.
	Luke will be thoroughly searching his office during moving tomorrow.
	It was noted that ther were around 15 people at quiz night.

3b. Speakers
	Euan asked about speakers, Paul had volumnteered to email RAC guy,
	anything further on this? Luke doesn't believe so.
	Euan asked Luke about contacting Darcy. Luke will draft an email.
	Alastair was also a possibility; topics:
		Subverision, Linux Backup techniques, Encryption (repeat)
	Discussion on talk ideas and Alastairs essays opinion on distributions.
	Luke suggests a call for talks on the plug list.
	Jason enters meeting with apologies for being late.
	Alastair notes that a guy from SuSE is coming over to do a talk
	for SAGE-WA on May 7th. Discussion on moving talk date to possibly
	accomodate opportunity: not in this case, but should retain flexibility.
	Alastair scheduled to talk on Subversion for May 14th - 6:15pm for 6:30pm start.

3c. Youtube Video of last talk editing done?
	Luke reported that the two options were editing via raw footage or
	via the youtube editor, however that crashed even though a couple of
	distributions were tried, so will need to use the raw footage.
	Euan noted that it could be an item for the weekend's AV workshop.

	Euan asks if everyone signed up/added to meetup.
	Luke reported that he's been added for admin access to the PLUG meetup
	(ie: luke is a host who can add new events).

3d. AV Team Update
	Jason reports that this Saturday will be a full day AV workshop at
	Leon's place starting at 7:30am, plan is to have everything there
	for testing against the equipment, but main focus is to ensure that
	everything will be good for LCA
	There are 4 or 5 confirmed participants, some maybes such as James.

3e. LCA 2014 Update
	Luke reports that UWA liasing continuing, waiting on some more before
	able to make announcement.
	Alastair mentions LA council meeting.
	Luke asks for comments on bio section on the website

3f. Paul Bendigo Access?
	Not confirmed as Paul not present.

3g. PO box keyholders
	Noted as being: Peter, Paul

3h. Bank Signatories
	Noted as: two to sign; auth tokens with: Euan, Nick, Peter, Paul.

3i. SpaceCubed invoice for rack kit - Paul sent to Brodie?
	Not confirmed as Paul not present.

3j. Payment to James
	Peter reported that he had authorized the payment as requested by Euan.

3k. Credit Card for Amazon
	Euan noted that he will be switching the credit card for the account.
	Luke suggested that there might be a "hidden" way to have an account
	without a credit card.
	Alastair asked if there was a need for a PLUG credit card, and what
	would happen to Power without a credit card being supplied.
	Euan noted that we currently have some credit, but card was required
	by Amazon's billing department.
	Luke said that getting a credit card could be a long process and
	that we should investigate out of meeting.

4. General Business
	Alastair reported that he was not able to work on outstanding item
	on switching over PLUG security infrastructure.
	Alastair also asked about links to secure.plug.org.au on website,
	he will followup with Leon.
	Jason asked Peter to send him last AGM minutes for posting on website.
	Also Peter needs to post last couple committee meeting minutes to list.
	Peter reported that he had renewed the PLUG PO Box.

5. Next Meeting
	Monday 20th May at 7:30pm (the Monday after the next talk).
Meeting closed at 8:28pm

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