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Michael Bramwell mbramwell at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 12:44:29 UTC 2013

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I find BitTorrent Sync to be very good for this purpose and you have
the added benefit of your data not residing on 3rd party 'cloud'
servers. I haven't touched my dropbox account since I started using
this software about 6 months ago.


Pavel Volský:
> Hi Craig,
> I personally used Dropbox for a while but the storage limits and
> privacy made me to find another method.
> It really depends on your situation.
> For example, I needed to synchronise huge and small files through 
> low-latency lines via different connections. I ended up with
> OpenVPN and Rsync (compression + CRC). With this I am able to
> synchronise immediately and continue where I left off.
> It is not ideal for everybody but works for me.
> Pavel
> On 4 October 2013 22:23, Craig <stargateuniverse at iinet.net.au>
> wrote:
>> Iam using Ubuntu 12.04LTS Desktop.
>> What  I  would like to do is be able to access files from the
>> home computer from a remote location, I have used VNC with great
>> success, but VNC is not able to send files.
>> From a remote location I  would like to access the home computer
>> to be able transfer files and edit.
>> The remote PC would be using Ubuntu 12.04lts as well has the home
>> PC.
>> I believe they use the term file transfer.
>> Also I have had success with PC to PC transfer of files using the
>> router for home use but no success in operating from a remote
>> location outside the home.
>> Any help well appreciated.
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