[plug] Lateral thinking .... sort of

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sat Sep 28 06:59:41 UTC 2013

On 28/09/13 14:21, Richard Meyer wrote:
> The other day I decided to try a different distro - I went from SUSE
> 12.1 to Mint KDE 15 - just because I could and as a test to see how fast
> my new NBN connection would download the DVD (6 minutes in case you
> wondered).
> Anyhow, after the installation, everything was working except Evolution
> - it refused to connect and download mail .. no way, nohow.
> So pulled open the laptop and fired up evolution and restored my mail
> and there it was ... 
> This was on Kubuntu 12.4. Drat!!
> Don't want to have to use the lappy for mail and the main machine for
> everything else .... So early to bed to "think".
> Next morning I killed Evolution on both boxes - SSH -X to the laptop
> from the desktop and run evolution - WHAM!!! email.
> I WOULD claim to be a genius, but I'm sure it isn't all that clever -
> just an example of how you can use X and its forwarding abilities to
> your own advantage.
> It's Saturday and I'm bored - it's COOOOLD here.

THIS is lateral thinking ...




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