[plug] postfix help

Gregory Orange home at oranges.id.au
Fri Apr 4 06:26:13 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I had postfix on a new server configured poorly and mail ended up in a
loop: 454 and 554 errors "too many hops"

So, I've fixed it, but now I'm curious that some of the stuck
mail - is still stuck. Can I get it out?
postsuper -r <ID>
doesn't help. I get, for example

postfix/pickup[18812]: warning: maildrop/A401233C5B: error writing
2194D33C87: queue file write error

Sure enough, there's a matching file, both
/var/spool/postfix/maildrop/A401233C5B and

Any suggestions on how to step through this?


Gregory Orange

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