[plug] Nominations for 2013 committee elections at TOMORROW's AGM

Peter Lyons secretary at plug.org.au
Mon Feb 10 02:36:49 UTC 2014

The nominations for committee positions to be elected at the AGM on 11/2/2014
(ie: tomorrow) are:

	Nick Bannon
	Euan de Kock

	Nick Bannon
	Euan de Kock

	Nick Bannon

	Nick Bannon
	Peter Lyons

Ordinary Committee Member (OCM)
	Paul del Fante
	Jason Nicholls
	Nick Bannon
	Andrew Cooks
	James Henstridge

Please note that elections will take place in this order, and no
person can hold more than one position. So, nominations from the floor will
be available for at least one position, most likely for Treasurer.

Please let me know if you believe that there are any errors or omissions in
the above list.
Peter Lyons
PLUG Secretary 2013

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