[plug] the "iview problem"

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 03:33:33 UTC 2014

On 23/02/14 11:21, Ben Keith wrote:
> So if I understand correctly, the problems you are having are because
> you are trying to get iView to work *unmetered* with Flash 11.7

FYI: I'm not on iinet, and I have unlimited downloads so unmetered
doesn't bother me, which means I just try and use the same stream from
my isp that I have always had success with in the past.
Metered/unmetered would be a curious affect if real because as said
elsewhere, iview won't work with less than flash 11.7 and metering
should be irrelevant :-/

Gavin Chester

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