[plug] the "iview problem" [solved - sort of]

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 05:29:46 UTC 2014

On 23/02/14 14:46, Gavin Chester wrote:
> On 23/02/14 11:21, Ben Keith wrote:
>> Hi Gavin,
>> Echoing Steve's response, I have iView, SBS On Demand, Youtube and other
>> sites playing video without issue with the following:
>> Kubuntu 13.10
>> Firefox 27.0
>> Shockwave Flash plugin 11.2 r202
> No, only iview and sbs - all other flash streams are unfazed by how old
> your flash is so as long as you have flash 11.2 youtube and others are fine.
> [snip]
> A bit of digging led me to a 'work around' that I was suspicious of at
> first, because it seemed a blatant app plug disguised as a reply to a
> forum post. Anyway, the answer lies (for souls suffering like me) in
> using the linux version of xbmc with an iview plugin:
> http://www.andybotting.com/projects/using-abcs-iview-on-xbmc
> I am watching iview using xbmc right now - content that has been
> unwatchable for at least a week now.
> I wonder if this "cure" will last though? the app author credits jeremy
> visser's work for allowing him to write his code. Visser wrote the cli
> tool "iview downloader" (or some such name) - the same piece of code
> that abc issued a nasty "take down" order sometime ago. We'll see if the
> new app survives by somehow avoiding the same copyright breach.

xbmc isn't that new and is unlikely to go away ... but perhaps could choose to 
drop iview to avoid hassles. You are always at the mercy of any compliant link 
in the chain if you want to access (other than via the 'owners' approved means) 
material seen as propriety by any big organisation, hence the endless dance. I 
guess by using xbmc you are avoiding the web site adds, and hence not paying 
your dues from the ABC point of view.


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