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This is likely redundant, in which case feel free to use it as a paper

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Subject: [Chat] Watching the live stream? Or know someone who is?
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Linux.conf.au 2014 is being lived streamed at http://timvideos.us/, please
help spread the word. We have had only 30 people watching today and I think
we can do better than that! :)

If you know someone who is not at the conference and actually watching,
could you get them to send me feedback?
  *Email:* mithro at mithis.com
   *Twitter:* @mithro

Please get them to include the time they were viewing, what browser they
were using and anything else useful.

Just FYI, to stop everyone overloading the conference network, you can't
watch the stream.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the system works and
what the future holds then come to my talk at the Multimedia
Mini-conference today in about 1 hour (2:10pm).

If your interested in helping out, join #timvideos on IRC and poke me!

Thanks for your help!


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