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BillK billk at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 7 00:01:26 UTC 2014

Hi John, a bit vague:
Is it an ssd (what brand/type)
What file system
What partitioning scheme
What do the logs say
What does smartctl say

Basically you have said ... I have have an error .. And little else.


"Jon L. Miller" <jonl711 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>One of my partitions has what appears to be badblocks as one of the
>I run has returned with errors.
>I changed into the partition and tried to do a list of the partition
>nothing was returned.
>I ran /sbin/badblocks and all I can see is the constant running of I
>to be a counting of the badblocks.
>Currently it’s at 112800 and still counting, is there anything else I
>do.  I’m not sure that I needed anything on the drive.  I believe it
>was the
>backup destination for my system.
>Thanks in advance
>Message that came up in my e-mail
>SCRIPT: backup.sh exited with RETURNCODE = 4.
>SCRIPT: output (stdout && stderr) follows
>/etc/cron.daily/backup.sh: line 93: /data/linux-srv-full-date:
>/bin/chmod: cannot access `/data/linux-srv-full-date': Input/output
>/bin/chown: `root.adm': invalid user
>SCRIPT: backup.sh
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