[plug] Iinet security

Luke John email at lukejohn.me
Wed Jul 23 07:57:17 UTC 2014

Hey Pluggers,

I was just in a friends office and overheard his conversation with iinet.

He had lost his password to IInet and needed to recover access.

The only security questions asked were
First and last names
Date of Birth

Having answered those questions iinet provided the account username and
password, a list of linked accounts and passwords for all the things.

This was a concern for me as the answers for the "security" questions to
both the billing contacts on my account are available through a Google

After calling and explaining my concerns they had an alert added to my
account which will now require the password to be required. They were
unable to require any other details.

Does anyone have any suggestions on who to contact to get this fixed?

Kind Regards
Luke John
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