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Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Tue Jul 15 03:26:27 UTC 2014

GovHack Perth was an experience of a lifetime! It's two days on and my
brain is still buzzing with ideas.

On the weekend I participated for the first time in a hackathon. It's a
short event where geeks come together to make stuff happen. This particular
event, GovHack Perth is part of an Australia-wide GovHack, where
government, data custodians, mentors and geeks hack something together
using government data.

On the day, five guys, +Adrian Smith
<https://plus.google.com/116990522690531912013>, +Euan de Kock
<https://plus.google.com/105147590115558937971>, +Tommy O'Dell
<https://plus.google.com/109745227691230116865>, +Kieran Thompson and I
came together to form team # <https://plus.google.com/s/%23Bushack>Bushack
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23Bushack>. Between us we had database, R, web,
video and audio skills and an idea.

We were fortunate to be given access to the Smart Card tag-on / off details
for the public transit system for Perth. Thanks to the permission from his
boss and the after hours efforts of +Paul Dowling
<https://plus.google.com/101883129331235301001> we were supplied with 16
million records, representing all the transit data for March and April 2014.

Each record consists of a start timestamp and location and a stop timestamp
and location, in all 32 million locations and times or 1.4Gb of numbers.

We set about trying to figure out how to visualise that much data.

Our project website with some of our visualisations is at http://

Unexpectedly, we managed to win the "iVEC Big & Complex Data Prize". As an
unexpected bonus, I was given the "NGIS Rising Spatial Stars" award.

If you like what you see, you can vote for the People's Choice Award which
will be awarded on the 10th of August.

http:// <http://hackerspace.govhack.org/content/bushack>
hackerspace.govhack.org <http://hackerspace.govhack.org/content/bushack>
/content/ <http://hackerspace.govhack.org/content/bushack>bushack

# <https://plus.google.com/s/%23bushack>bushack
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23bushack>, #
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23govhack>, #
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23govhackperth>,  #
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23hackathon> , #
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23pta>pta <https://plus.google.com/s/%23pta>, #
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23transperth>, #
<https://plus.google.com/s/%23perth>,  #dataanalysis

finger painting on glass is an inexact art - apologies for any errors in
this scra^Hibble

()/)/)() ..ASCII for Onno..
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