[plug] Ideas for the debian-au list

Alastair Irvine alastair at plug.org.au
Mon Mar 3 17:36:02 UTC 2014

Hello.  Some of you will recall that I got up and gave a lightning talk
about Debian at the closing ceremony of LCA 2014.  I mentioned that it
would be nice if the debian-au mailing list were to get up and running
again.  As you may know, this has happened.  (Thanks to those who helped!)

I have come up with some ideas of what we could use the list for.
Please feel free to reply-to-list with your own suggestions.

  + help find people to maintain packages (also, find mentors)
  + co-ordinate things like the Debian Miniconf at LCA (which sadly
    hasn't happened 2008)
  + act as a sort of inter-LUG communications channel*
  + discuss Debian topics related to Australia
  + provide a low-traffic "announce" facility for LCA, since not
    everyone can make it but might want to hear some news
  + plan release parties, hackathons and bug-smashing parties
  + share stories of Debian-related shenanigans that are somehow not
    suitable for the broader audience on debian-user
  + share blog URLs, etc.
  + discuss creation/update of a wiki page regarding the Australian
    Debian community

So please get in touch with everyone you know who's interested in Debian
in Australia, get them to subscribe at the following page:

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

* It's hard to keep lists of LUGs up-to-date, and this could help keep
members interested when they move and need to find who's in the local

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