[plug] Drafting a code of conduct

Michael Van Delft michael at hybr.id.au
Wed Apr 1 11:11:31 UTC 2015

Hi All,

One of the things that was brought up at the last committee meeting
was introducing a Code of Conduct for PLUG. I think a Code of Conduct
is a great idea to encourage diversity and set a standard we can all
agree on and adhere to.  I'm not great with words or policy documents
so I've gratefully taken one from Linux Australia to use as a draft
that you can look at on GitHub
It's pretty bare bones at the moment I've pretty much just done a
:%s/Linux Australia/Perth Linux Users Group/g and pushed it up there.

Got a change you want to make? We love pull requests! or you can just
discuss it on the list. I'd love to see some good discussion around
this and get as much input from members as we can. If you don't want
to send your comments to list, feel free to send them directly to


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